mason martinez

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mason martinez (they/them) is a latin, nonbinary writer and editor from nyc. they hold a BA in english literature and creative writing from purchase college and graduated with academic honors for every school year.

mason is the recent recipient of the ‘21 ginny wray senior prize in fiction through purchase college for their short story, the treehouse.for their senior project, mason worked on a 46k word magical realist novel dealing with themes relating to religion, cults, and sexuality. they are currently polishing their manuscript-in-progress to send out for query.through their 2018 internship at youth communication in nyc, their article about coming to terms with being nonbinary has been published online, in-print, and re-printed into textbooks that are distributed into high school rooms all throughout the city. the article has also been referenced in a 2021 teaching textbook to help inform rising educators on diversity in classrooms.mason currently works as a freelance copy and content writer while they travel the US for the year in search for a forever home.staffing:Fiction Editor and PR/Marketing for Italics Mine, 2019-2020.Managing Fiction Editor for Chaotic Merge Magazine, 2020-present.Fiction Editor for Mag 20/20, 2023-present.


a poem about the over sexualization of women. inspired by christina rossetti's goblin markets.

a short story about a children's voice actor turned murderer. print only, sold out.

a flash fiction piece about a girl and a rooster co-existing.

the hyacinth review | letters from home, short story

a short story about a self-declared arsonist who burns letters sent by her estranged father to her mother.

the institutionalized review issue 1 | prison cells and hospital beds, short story

a short story following a young girl dealing with the battle of mental illness, her own impending struggles, and the loss of a loved one.

yuzu press issue 4 | pretty girl, flash fiction

abandoned at a gas station, eleven-year-old luica battles with understanding the complex relationship between her parents and how to survive in a world that thirsts for her.

trash to treasure | migration, flash fiction

after spending three summers in Oregon's Junior Wildlife Reserve, a love that was once innocent turns sour when a predator attacks.

defunkt magazine issue 12 | sunday's meat market, short story

after the death of his father, a young teenage boy must take the role as head of the house. in doing so, he begins to navigate the world of factory farming and what led to his father's death. available in print.


italics mine issue 19 | up above & down below, short story

moss puppy & minison project, pride pop-up issue | pass me a light, short story


want to tell me something? go for it! i’m always happy to chat. the easiest way to get in touch with me is on social media.twitter: @masonnatjif you have questions about services i provide or to work with me please email me at: [email protected]located queens, ny.